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XYpper Offers New Web System and App for Truckers

XYpper Offers New Web System and App for Truckers

One of the most pressing issues in the trucking industry deals with lost revenue based on empty or semi-empty trucks running every year. According to a recent study, over a quarter of all trucks in the US run below desired capacity, leading to lost money and showing obvious room for improvement.

Many carriers and owner-operators struggle to locate appropriate freight loads due in large part to the system of message boards used today. These boards provide some form of guidance for those looking to make each trip matter, but they don’t provide the type of accuracy that most would like. Though they are a somewhat viable option in the fragmented marketplace, a new development has been launched.

XYpper Inc. has recently created an app- and web-based system designed for the trucking industry in the US as well as Canada and Mexico. This development helps provide connectivity to drivers and brokers, creating a type of decentralize sharing platform popular with companies like Uber. By analyzing a geographic area, the system can help those with available space match up with those who need a delivery.

Brokers post their information on a web portal and nearby drivers are alerted via an app. The system went through a six-year period of development followed by a year and a half of testing. Founder Valerio Lanzieri commented on the release, saying: “XYpper is a game changing system for the trucking industry — a system designed by truckers for truckers. Our team is extremely excited about the possibility of this system to improve the lives of hard-working truckers and their families through our technology.”

Tracking features and automated document creation helps provide users with even more freedom allowing them to effectively eliminate the middleman. According to developers, the system will soon be able to provide broker scores and payment methods for even more reliability and transparency.

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