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WTI Transport Wins ATA’s Safety Contest for the 2nd Consecutive Year

WTI Transport Wins ATA’s Safety Contest for the 2nd Consecutive Year

WTI Transport won the prestigious safety award last year and maintained its winning streak by winning the same award this year. The company received a special acclamation and recognition from the American Trucking Association’s Trucking Safety Contest, for the second consecutive year. Not only that, but WTI Transport was awarded with double quantity of awards than last year. The categories in which WTI Transport came out on top are Flatbed/Line Haul Division, Unlimited Miles category, Flatbed/Local Division and the Over Ten Million Miles. Last year, the enterprise was only successful in securing an excellence award for the Over Ten Million Miles Award.

These awards were given to the company at ATA’s Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition in November. WTI is an esteemed trucking enterprise which employs at least 400 drivers in the Midwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast region. 95% of all its fleet is on the road every day. The WTI drivers were thus, able to accumulate 46 million miles last year, due to their hard work and unrelenting diligence. The company also had the accident and casualty rate of just 0.28 per million miles in 2014. Compared to the national average of 0.35 in the flatbed sector, this is a great record. However, this is not new for WTI Transport, as the trucking enterprise maintained an average of 0.31 in 2013 as well. Jem Blair, Vice president of Safety (WTI), said in a statement, “It’s all attributed to our drivers doing their job safely.”

Randy Taylor, President of WTI Transport, said, “Our team’s consistent accomplishments bring us great pride to the entire Daseke organization. The Daseke companies have been honored with multiple safety and insurance awards in the past year. Smokey Point, for example, was recognized for its fifth consecutive Platinum Safety Award by Great West Casualty Company. It shows what we’re doing, and the interaction between sister companies in best practices, is paying dividends.”

Although truck and driver safety is emphasized throughout the trucking industry, WTI Transport takes the safety precautions and regulations seriously. This is usually due to the type of loads that it carries, for instance, WTI trucks specialized in transporting steel coils. Due to their difficult and heavy shape and load, they have a higher centre of gravity, and it makes driving difficult. Keeping an eye on the road, while maintaining load safety, and following essential safety regulations, are complicated skills; which are possessed by all WTI employees.

Jeff Davis, Vice President Of Safety at Motor Transport Underwriters (MTU), a Division of Hudson Insurance Group said, “Success in safety boils down to culture and the value placed on professional drivers. Our experience and data shows that WTI and all the operating companies of Daseke focus on providing an environment where keeping its drivers and the motoring public safe is the top priority. Daseke companies as a whole are well below the national average when it comes to accident rates.”
Jem Blair also emphasized the importance of safety orientation classes, which run from 1-4 weeks and are compulsory for all drivers, to ensure their safety and health. According to Blair, “We won’t put anybody out there before they’re ready and equipped to do the job they’re asked to do. There’s a sense of pride that they are partnered with a safe carrier that has the record to prove its high regard for safety.” – See more at:

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