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Writing a Standout Resume for CDL Trucking Jobs

Writing a Standout Resume for CDL Trucking Jobs

No matter how good a person is with their vehicle, how many companies they’ve benefited, and how great of an asset they’d be, hiring processes can sometimes be tougher to get around than any sharp curve.

Landing a job in the trucking industry usually means gathering important documents like your CDL, reaching out to hiring managers, and creating a resume. This is where many people stumble, and not just in the freight industry.

Resumes are an evolving science, with dedicated professionals in all fields always looking to adapt their resume for a chance of landing better jobs. In the trucking industry, carriers take a big gamble whenever they onboard new talent. It can be frustrating for a driver who feels they are skilled to miss out on jobs just because their resume fails to get the hiring manager’s attention.

When creating a resume for the trucking industry, think of the things that make a job post interesting. People appreciate things like a positive work environment and possible growth opportunities, but they want to know the hard data. How much does the job pay? What benefits are offered? Are there any scheduling guarantees, such as regular home time or a set number of miles?

In comparison, companies looking for employees aren’t that different. Do they appreciate someone who can take directions well and has a positive attitude? Sure, but they want to know the hard data as well. If you’ve completed a set number of miles, achieved any awards, or received any promotions, it’s a good idea to list these things on your resume.

It’s even better if you can show the person reading the resume how your skills helped a carrier. If you were working during a time when the company expanded, added new clients, or experienced significant growth, mention this as well.

Keep it about one page, and list previous work experience, any endorsements, and your training background. It’s also a good idea to include an objective. Keep it between one-to-three sentences, and remember that the company is looking for someone who can help them please clients and build long-term business relationships. With a great resume, any job-seeker can do the same thing.

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