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Would the Proposed Bill Require Advanced Safety Technologies?

Would the Proposed Bill Require Advanced Safety Technologies?

Over a year and half ago, the interstate 16 of Georgia has been gaining popularity as the site of major accidents. The first accident involved the collision of tractor-trailers, which resulted in the deaths of ten people. In April this year, another incident took place, in which five students of Southern Georgia Nursing were killed when a truck hit their vehicle from behind. A month later, a similar situation was witnessed and five people lost their lives. To stop such tragedies from happening again, Hank Johnson, a congressman has put a bill forward that will require commercial vehicles to equip themselves with automatic braking systems.

The leaders in innovative technologies for vehicles, Volvo, has created another technology that makes use of sensors to alert truck drivers that are too close to other vehicles on the highway, or roads. If the vehicle is too close and the driver doesn’t act promptly and step on the brakes, the truck will automatically take over. To alert the driver, a low braking force will apply; however, if the driver continues to ignore this action, full emergency braking system will be executed and the vehicle will start to slow down.

The truck will have sensors all around it, constantly taking a 360 view all around the truck’s exterior. These sensors will allow the truck to analyze the surroundings and enable it to actually predict what the vehicle counterparts and humans on the sidewalks and streets will do. If the driver misses a pedestrian or a cyclist in their field of vision, these smart trucks will instantly alert the driver of their presence. This high tech system can help a great deal to eliminate and prevent human errors, ultimately saving more lives.

When a truck driver comes face to face in a situation where he needs to stop his instant reaction plus the time taken to stop the vehicle lies at a length of a wide football field. With automatic braking systems saving five to eight seconds of that time, it could serve as the great difference in saving or killing someone.

For many years now, the DOT (Department of Transportation) has been under pressure from highway safety advocates to write and pass traffic rules that would require assistance technologies on vehicles that could stop the collision rates. However, Bill Johnson’s proposal went a few steps further and now it’s a law.

Earlier this month, United Postal Services announced that they will equip all trucks, old and new ones, with this system; however, others are not so keen to have this system. To some people, it seems like a good idea to install automated systems for brakes, but other people in the truck industry are not so excited about this being a law. A spokesperson for ATA said, “We are happy to see such new advancements, but we don’t want it to be required by law.”

In previous records, road hazard data shows there were over 130,000 accidents with commercial vehicles. From these records, 4,000 were killed and others (80,000) were injured. Installing these braking systems is not a bad idea at all, and if all commercial vehicles are equipped with them, the number of accidents will reduce greatly. – See more at:

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