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Winter Weather Makes Things Tough for Truckers

Winter Weather Makes Things Tough for Truckers

2017 has started off with a bang, as many truckers found themselves taking to the roads in hazardous weather conditions over the past several days. It was reported that 49 out of 50 US states had snow over the past week.

Save for Florida, every state experienced the type of wintery weather that January is often known for. And while some truck drivers are comfortable driving in the snow after having done it in the past, no one likes the thought of heading out onto a roadway covered in snow or ice.

While many roadways are cleaned early in the morning before the motoring public begins their commute to work, truckers find themselves traveling at all hours of the day – and night. A driver who is on a route to a destination before roadways can be cleared must exercise extreme caution to ensure they reach their destination safely.

This problem is somewhat compounded by the fact that commercial vehicles are more difficult to maneuver on slippery roads and bridges. Even those who are skilled at piloting their rig may have difficulty handling the winter weather when things get severe.

Some carriers will plan ahead and try to avoid trips which require drivers to travel in dangerous weather conditions. While a minor snowfall may pose no issues for an experienced driver, heavy accumulation combined with below-freezing temperatures creates a dangerous situation for anyone on the road – especially those driving larger vehicles.

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