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Will Trucking Regulations Create Positive Results?

Will Trucking Regulations Create Positive Results?

From drowsy drivers to high speeds, there are many factors which are blamed for the majority of trucking accidents. Given that an accident involving a commercial vehicle can lead to substantial damage to both people and property, it is understandable that many have called for legislation to help prevent these types of situations from occurring.

But while some maintain that these good-intentioned mandates may have positive results, others aren’t convinced. Many people within the industry view mandatory ELD laws and speed restrictions for heavier vehicles as nothing more than capricious limitations designed to pacify the motoring public.

In fact, many within the industry feel that these measures will actually have a negative impact on the industry as a whole. While these measures may not end up causing more accidents, many carriers are skeptical about how well the regulations will improve safety conditions.

There’s no substitute for quality training and solid, safe habits behind the wheel. Even with these new regulations in place, those who don’t have enough education or road-time may still end up in accidents. While any driver can be in an accident, it is generally believed that those who have more knowledge will be less-prone to accidents, and those who have less knowledge will be more prone.

These regulations may accomplish part of their intended purposes – with the ELD mandate, hours-of-service rules will likely be followed more closely. With speed limits on heavier vehicles, many members of the motoring public may feel more comfortable sharing the road with commercial vehicles. As for reducing accidents, that is yet to be seen.

Time will tell whether or not these regulations will actually impact safety measures. However, regardless of how the industry changes, a quality trucking education and clean driving record are the best indicators as to whether or not a driver will have a safe trip.

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