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Will the Electric Engine Leave Some Carriers Behind?

Will the Electric Engine Leave Some Carriers Behind?

No one likes the thought of getting left behind. Many truck drivers leave traffic in the dust as they make their way to a destination with freight in tow, but some companies risk seeing the proverbial taillights as the industry moves on without them.

What is the upcoming advancement that could separate carriers of the future from carriers of the past? The electric truck. Commercial vehicles have historically run on diesel fuel. But this energy source has presented more than its fair share of problems throughout the time it has been used.

The first and most obvious for those outside the trucking industry is the harmful emissions diesel engines create. With more organizations and businesses promoting an eco-friendly approach in industries, truck drivers have been pressured to find alternatives to the fossil fuel motors they’ve come to depend on.

But for those inside the trucking industry, there is another reason carriers have a love-hate relationship with the diesel engine. The cost of fuel has always been burdensome for trucking companies, and it is an expense they cannot get around – without an alternative approach to powering their vehicles.

With electric trucks already being debuted at certain events and some companies planning to create new models within the next few years, the writing is on the wall for diesel engines. Does this mean they’ll disappear overnight? No, and for that matter they won’t vanish for at least a decade or so after electric engines start gaining popularity.

But with companies already being advised to invest in electric engines, it is clear that those who get a head start with this new technology will be poised to reap the benefits quicker.

Reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint are perks all trucking companies can appreciate. The electric engine will play such a factor in the trucking industry moving forward that investors have already been encouraged to pull their money from carriers that don’t invest in this technology.

No one wants to be left behind. And as the trucking industry moves toward a cleaner and more economical engine, carriers who keep up to speed with technology will be glad they did.

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