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Will More Safety Regulations Hamper Trucking in 2017?

Will More Safety Regulations Hamper Trucking in 2017?

For those in the trucking industry, it is no secret that many regulations can be burdensome. Though these mandates are implemented for the purpose of keeping highways safer, those with previous experience behind the wheel often view the mandates as more harmful than beneficial.

While much discussion has been had about the new presidential administration and how it will affect truck driving, much of the talk has been centered around current regulatory measures or upcoming ones. While it is unlikely that current regulations like the ELD mandate will be reversed, some wonder whether or not the new trucker-friendly administration will affect future lawmaking for the industry.

With talk about new max speed limits, equipment regulations, and other changes coming to trucking soon, many prominent groups have already become involved with the new president-elect’s transition team. Administrators feel hopeful that the Republican-controlled Congress will be more understanding to the needs and challenges of the trucking industry when laws are passed.

While it is likely that progress will continue on making the trucking industry safer, signs point to current lawmakers being more accommodating than previous ones when it comes to the freight industry. This could provide additional benefits to the industry which is already expected to see progress next year.

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