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Will Deregulation Have a Positive Impact on Trucking?

Will Deregulation Have a Positive Impact on Trucking?

With Congress soon to be led by those who are generally considered to be friendly to the trucking industry and mindful about how safety legislation can sometimes do more harm than good from an economic standpoint. Drivers and carriers have often struggled to perform their jobs efficiently while abiding by certain regulations.

All signs point to certain mandates being lifted or lessened significantly. Everything from speed caps to weight limits may be subject to change. While these regulations will only be changed within reasonable limitations, some of the mandates which have been deemed arbitrary may finally be lifted.

The trucking industry has always been a target of safety groups and many believe that certain regulations contribute significantly to the recent reduction in accident rates. While deregulation of the industry may bode well for carriers from an economic standpoint, some safety advocates claim that the move will result in more dangerous road conditions.

In terms of empirical evidence, there are few arguments that can be made in favor of some of the more recent regulations. While it could be said that these mandates haven’t been established long enough to lead to any real change, others claim that these mandates were put in place only to appease special interest groups.

Deregulation may make it easier for carriers to do business without having to change around their fleets or their schedules. Time will tell whether or not these regulatory changes will have a major impact on trucking safety in the long-run.

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