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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Change the Trucking Industry?

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Change the Trucking Industry?

As technology progresses, there’s always a concern about just how far things could go. When it comes to automation, many people wonder whether or not machines could phase out human labor. Autonomous vehicles have been a popular topic within the trucking industry for the past several years now.

With both Volvo and Mercedes Benz already showing off primitive models of autonomous trucks, it’s clear that the technology is on its way. Other well-known names in the transportation industry have also entered the market for autonomous vehicles. But this type of strong interest in driverless vehicles could pose a serious risk to truck driving jobs.

While this common phrase is repeated often, many are unfamiliar with the pattern by which automation replaces human labor. The process traditionally begins with infrastructure and work environments being optimized for the automated solution. As legislation is discussed regarding autonomous vehicles, some truckers feel completely left out of the discussion.

While it isn’t technically their line of work, these vehicles will influence how infrastructure is created and how traffic laws are passed. These new conditions would likely apply to all commercial vehicles, meaning that truck drivers may find themselves unable to be as productive.

While the technology is coming along quickly, some still doubt that these vehicles will have as large of an impact as is believed. They maintain that truck drivers offer more reliability and pose less of a hazard at this point in time. This means that drivers could be able to level the playing field if they’re able to be in on the discussion concerning autonomous vehicles.

Of course some could label this as drivers looking to protect their industry, but there is certainly no shame in that. If drivers make sure policies and changes are not made to hinder their industry, they may be relatively unaffected by this new technology.

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