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Will Amazon’s New Trucking App Perform Well?

Will Amazon’s New Trucking App Perform Well?

A decentralized approach to the freight industry has been catching on over the past several years, and a couple efforts have been made to help match shippers to receivers while eliminating the middleman. Getting the broker out of the picture is a great way to help smaller carriers and independent drivers find work, and to help speed up the process of freight delivery.

Amazon has announced their intent to build a trucking app that will perform this function, and many have compared it to Uber in the user-friendly, peer-to-peer approach the app takes. However, since this isn’t the first app of this type in the freight industry, many wonder how well it will perform.

Both Trucker Path and Convoy perform similar services for drivers, and many already rely on these apps to help them speed up and simplify the freight transportation process. While Amazon isn’t a company that focuses directly on truck driving, it does deal with shipping constantly.

Amazon may find success as their app helps to move things along with their online shopping service, leading some people to use the app instead of its competition. Trucker Path and Convoy both have dedicated followings in the trucking industry, and even a household name like Amazon may struggle to compete at first.

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