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Will a New Administration Mean Changes for Trucking?

Will a New Administration Mean Changes for Trucking?

It’s been well-noted since the result of the 2016 presidential election that the American Trucking Associations has already been working with the new president-elect’s transition team. But exactly what will result from these efforts? There are several key areas of interest in the modern trucking industry, and many parties are curious about how these areas will be shaped by the new administration.

The first topic of interest is infrastructure. The new president has proposed a $1-trillion funding plan for infrastructure, with funds being allocated to roads, bridges, and ports. Like the current administration, the new one supports public-private partnerships. The move toward new infrastructure is a good one for trucking, and can also help provide jobs in the construction industry as well.

As it pertains to regulatory changes, many in the trucking industry have complained that previous mandates were more arbitrary and capricious than they were data-motivated. It seems that there will be opportunities for those within the trucking industry to get some of the more burdensome resolutions repealed in favor of “common sense” solutions based on studies and facts.

Other issues like the upcoming ELD mandate are unlikely to see changes, as the last appeal against it was overruled. As for the environmental aspect of trucking, some fear that the new administration may reverse the progress made in reducing emissions. But with a more noteworthy focus coming from all sectors of the economy on clean energy, this trend may continue in trucking as well.

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