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Wide Tires Recommended To Improve Efficiency

Wide Tires Recommended To Improve Efficiency

The popularity of wide based tires continues to increase as the Saskatchewan Trucking Association announced that it would be working to increase their adoption among truckers. The tires have been in the market for a long time now and every year their market share increases. The STA asked its members to join the association in making the campaign successful. The campaign will be focused on getting all the trucks in the Saskatchewan state to use wide based tires exclusively. This is a major endorsement and one that may be warranted as well as needed.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association stated that their main purpose of recommending the wide based tires was that they improve the efficiency of trucks. Among other things, the fuel efficiency of trucks increases with the use of wide based tires. This is a well researched fact and multiple studies have proven that using wide based tires can result in savings of as much as 10% for truckers. 10% is a lot which is why the STA is focusing on their adoption. Another great reason for getting wide based tires is that they result in lesser emissions as well; all the lowered fuel usage translates to betterment for the environment.

Usually the market itself adopts any new technology which benefits them but this time it is easy to see why the STA thinks a campaign is needed. There are two main reasons that people are not switching to wide based tires. One is that the perception that became common about them being unreliable. Wide based tires are more expensive when compared to traditional tires but they wear and tear at the same rate. This resulted in certain truckers being disappointed that spending more didn’t make them last more. Tire availability during road side failures is another false perception about wide based tires.

Another reason is that there is a commonly held perception that wide based tires result in less traction. Multiple studies and tread analysis has revealed that traction is almost the same for wide based tires as any other tires but the perception still exists. Thus the STA is running a campaign to educate people about the benefits of these tires and to dispel any myths that are stalling their adoption. The campaign is at its initial stages right now so it is not known how the STA plans to encourage truckers to switch to wide based tires. – See more at:

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