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Why Do People Leave the Truck Driving Industry?

Why Do People Leave the Truck Driving Industry?

It has been well-documented that the freight industry is experiencing a driver shortage. Many trucking administrative groups and associations have discussed in detail the level of importance truckers have in the US economy, and just how serious a lack of talented drivers is.

While there are plenty of passionate and skilled drivers who enter the trucking field every year, not all of them stick around. Retention rates are some of the biggest concerns in trucking, as those carriers who are able to fill a large amount of open positions struggle to keep their rosters full over time.

Some of the main reasons that truckers reportedly leave the industry have to do with things like dissatisfaction with the way their position is handled. While low pay, rough hours, or a combination of the two usually account for most of the retention issues in trucking, there are other serious problems which (former) drivers often cite as their reason for seeking other lines of work.

Dissatisfaction with the quality of equipment, poor communication with dispatchers, and insufficient orientations are common causes of turnovers in the industry. Drivers who don’t feel like they are helped to prepare adequately enough may feel frustrated or even endangered. This obviously leads to most of them seeking other lines of work.

There is also a concern about consistency, as many drivers are promised a set number of miles when they sign up. Since economic fluctuations can change things in the trucking industry quickly, these promises can often be changed or even suspended indefinitely. When such an important aspect of one’s work arrangement is changed, they may be turned off from that company and that line of work indefinitely.

Consistency and proper preparation are two things drivers seek in the industry even when money and benefits are good. When these things are lacking, high turnover rates are almost guaranteed.

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