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Why Background Research is Becoming More Important for Drivers

Why Background Research is Becoming More Important for Drivers

While truckers are used to getting background checks prior to employment, these precautions may also be a good idea for carriers.

Truckers are in short supply and high demand, but even being at an economically advantageous point isn’t enough to protect them from shady dealings by management at certain companies.

While some trucking companies boast a great record for treating employees well and honoring all contractual agreements, others don’t. For drivers, doing background research on a carrier beforehand may be the key to avoiding unfair work arrangements (and dangerous ones) in the future.

Given the importance of truck drivers, this shouldn’t be the case. In a perfect world, drivers would be able to apply to a carrier and sign on knowing they would be treated properly according to all appropriate legal mandates and industry guidelines.

Many truckers are so eager to enter the industry or move up in it, they are quick to apply with any trucking company that offers them a good job. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of stories recently about truck drivers getting the bad end of a deal from carriers who pulled some suspicious moves.

In addition to the popular port issue going on right now, with drivers protesting against entrapment and unfair working conditions, there have been recent stories about drivers being put directly in harm’s way – all because of the negligence of management.

A court case will soon be held in Charleston, West Virginia, after a trucker sued his employer for allegedly allowing him (as well as other drivers) to transport overweight loads. This led to mechanical problems and serves as a massive safety risk.

One executive is being accused of leaving drivers stranded on the side of the road after disabling fuel cards without warning. The administrator facing the accusations in this case is a former trucking company CEO who began operating a new organization after his old one went out of business.

There is a problem with companies disbanding then reemerging with different DOT numbers to dodge responsibility. However, the burden may soon be on drivers and trucking groups to spread the word about problematic companies in the future.

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