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Which Techs Benefit Trucking the Most?

Which Techs Benefit Trucking the Most?

There has always been a question about how far technology should go in any given industry. For a freight industry where autonomous vehicles may soon threaten jobs, technology can be a bit of a sore spot.

This doesn’t mean that all types of tech advancements are unwelcome in the field. Trucking companies have worked with creators of advanced systems to help make a driver’s job safer, and make things easier for the carriers who employ them.

Truck driving is an industry where a great deal of liability is present. Drivers are often tasked with braving areas they are unfamiliar with. While adjusting to new traffic conditions and infrastructure on a regular basis is hard enough, truckers have to accomplish this act in a vehicle that could cause serious harm in an accident.

For this reason, carriers across the US have looked for ways to reduce liability in potential crashes. Because of the devastation that a commercial vehicle can cause, many cases in the past have seen truckers be found at fault in a controversial decision.

With in-cab camera system, drivers catch everything on video. This means in the event of a crash which occurred at no fault of their own, drivers can protect themselves from being unfairly accused.

The technology has helped carriers avoid being falsely penalized, and thus it has been a net positive for the trucking industry. While there are those who say this type of move as a bit of a privacy concern, it can also be a valuable type of protection for any driver.

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