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Which Numbers Are Rising in the Trucking Industry?

Which Numbers Are Rising in the Trucking Industry?

In an industry that works with so many companies and organizations across the country, a little volatility at times is expected. But truck driving is currently rebounding from a year-long slump that had many analysts fearing for the future in some regards.

While 2017 has showed signs of hope for the freight industry, some wonder exactly which data points are increasing. It was estimated that trucking demand would begin a slow-but-steady increase over the next decade starting this year. This seems to be accurate, as things are already looking up.

While the driver shortage is still an issue, more carriers have been onboarding talent. And though pay still isn’t what many employees in the field hoped for, the data does reflect an overall increase in salaries for commercial truck drivers.

Likewise, orders for Class 8 trucks are also rising. With demand forecasted to continue and more talent on its way to carriers across the country, companies know that having the right equipment is important. A surge in trucking sales may mean good things for the freight industry in both the short-term and the long-term.

While there is still much work to be done for the field to achieve the kind of results those on the inside would like, these increases have provided some much-needed optimism for truckers.

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