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What Will Power Trucking in the Future?

What Will Power Trucking in the Future?

Truckers often take to the roads on little sleep and a lot of initiative. As determined as they may be, truck drivers still need a machine they can rely on. Even if the components under the hood are of the highest quality and latest product line, what powers the truck also plays a big role in the driver’s experience.

Fuel sources have always been a popular topic in trucking, with many carriers claiming fuel to be one of their top expenses and one of the most constant, unshakable costs any trucking company must deal with. While diesel has been the fuel source of choice, a few other options for powering the trucking industry have been presented throughout recent years.

The green movement has led to big talks about how self-sustaining technology can breathe new life into the freight transportation industry. While solar panels and electric engines won’t bump diesel out of the running for fuel sources any time soon, these options have the ability to lower costs and drastically decrease trucking’s carbon footprint.

While these options will still require maintenance and upkeep (even more so during the original implementation period), many trucking companies are already looking into hybrid engines that free them from depending solely on diesel.

Another fuel source is making waves and gaining more of a hold in the trucking industry. Propane is an affordable fuel choice that has been showing an impressive increase in market performance as of late. Propane, or autogas as it is often called in the trucking industry, was approved as a clean alternative in the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Repeat buying combined with the constant presence of propane at more carriers means trucking may be able to split the load effectively between multiple energy sources in the future. Not only would a balanced approach provide some options to choose from, but it would be great for gathering data and seeing how these energy sources compare to one another.

In 2018 beyond, orders for vehicles that run using propane have soared. Not only are records being broken on the purchase of new propane-powered vehicles, but some current vehicles are being converted so propane can be used with them.

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