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What Strategies Can Be Used to Resolve the Driver Shortage?

What Strategies Can Be Used to Resolve the Driver Shortage?

Because truck drivers play such an important role in the economy, it is concerning to see that hiring and retention numbers continue to remain lower than the recommended levels. Companies and administrative groups across the industry have been vocal about how the current number of drivers in the field is far short of that which is needed.

It is estimated that the driver shortage is becoming less severe, but many additional drivers are needed across the country. This has carriers scrambling to figure out how they can solve this problem quickly.

Going without the necessary number of drivers for too long can put carriers in a tough spot, resulting in lackluster performance and even lost business. Fortunately, there are tools available today to help combat the driver shortage which were not available in previous decades.

Though staffing performance has fallen short of goals in the past, the modern technological landscape presents many ways for carriers to help bring in new talent. One of the main strategies used by modern trucking companies is the use of referrals via a company’s website.

The web makes it easier for carriers to connect with aspiring truckers, allowing them to use things like referrals more effectively than ever before. This, in addition to online job boards, has helped to make the hiring market a bit more user-friendly.

Social networking has also helped to get the word out about carriers who are seeking drivers. While digital solutions are very helpful, they haven’t rendered other methods obsolete. Things like print media and in-person recruiting endeavors at job fairs and universities remain effective in scouting new talent for the freight industry.

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