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What Regulatory Changes Will Impact Trucking in the Future?

What Regulatory Changes Will Impact Trucking in the Future?

Trucking is an industry where regulatory changes are common. Most people who have spent time working in the industry know about the common areas which are regulated. Everything from training requirements to equipment standards can be affected by legislation.

Since adopting new regulations and establishing organization-wide compliance may sometimes be time-consuming and expensive, carriers have a vested interest in watching the regulatory scene carefully and remaining active in the creation of trucking laws. Many organizations, like the American Trucking Associations, do just that.

ATA officials have spoken at great length about the types of regulatory changes that could be affecting the industry in the future. A few of the most common regulatory challenges which could manifest themselves soon have to do with fuel emissions and hours-of-service recording.

Both the carbon footprint of the trucking industry as well as concerns about some drivers using inaccurate paper logs to get around hours-of-service rules have both been topics in the freight industry throughout the past several years. Currently, questions about the use of certain radio frequencies for inter-vehicle communication may also result in significant changes for carriers.

Perhaps the most interesting long-term question concerning regulations is how autonomous vehicles will impact truck driving. While many wonder about short-term job loss, the issue of driverless-friendly infrastructure changing the game for trucking may be a more appropriate concern to consider.

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