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What Possibilities Does a CDL Offer?

What Possibilities Does a CDL Offer?

A commercial driver’s license is not easy to get. It requires concentration and focus. Students must demonstrate their skills behind the wheel combined with a knowledge of their rig and the rules that govern it.

For those who do get their CDL, there are plenty of job options out there. This goes beyond simply working for a freight transport company. There are various upstarts and small businesses that look for qualified drivers with a CDL.

While these business endeavors each require their own level of management and financing, each one needs licensed commercial operators as well.

Moving companies are an obvious option for those with CDLs. These companies don’t require a lot of other equipment besides the truck, and accessories such as lifts to help load heavy items into the trailer. Drivers can do more than transport property though – they can transport living beings. While things like shuttle services and even livestock transport have their own specific regulations, each industry is an option for CDL holders.

Another popular type of business that needs CDL drivers is a delivery service. Delivery-based business models are catching on at a fast rate, with big names like Amazon and Walmart now looking to transport goods directly to the buyer’s front door. Startup delivery companies are also common, meaning drivers don’t always have to have a wealth of experience to get on in this bustling industry.

Drivers can also find jobs hauling materials like hazardous waste or medical supplies. Given the risk, these occupations require a special endorsement on the driver’s CDL in most cases. However, the demanding nature of the job also means they can sometimes pay higher than standard positions within the freight industry.

Drivers with CDLs sometimes make their living on the driving side of the industry before transitioning into a managerial or administrative role. This is especially common when a driver sticks with the same company for a long period of time, as they can come to understand more about the organization to better equip them for these roles.

A CDL allows people to pilot trucks, but it doesn’t limit them to a single occupation. These are just a few of the industries people can find work after getting licensed.

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