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What Obstacles Does Trucking Need to Overcome?

What Obstacles Does Trucking Need to Overcome?

Despite its position as a cornerstone-industry in the American economy, freight transport is a field where challenges are plentiful. From regulatory measures created by administrators who are not always in touch with the real struggles truck drivers face to economic uncertainties, trucking has many hurdles which it must triumph over in order to succeed.

The current landscape shows an optimistic outlook for trucking in the future. But just because things are looking up, it doesn’t mean that there are no concerns for drivers and administrators in the field. In fact, there are a few key things that the trucking industry must work to overcome in order to recover from a rough period last year.

One of the main obstacles trucking faces is a serious driver shortage. It is estimated that 200,000 drivers are needed across the country, and with many veteran drivers nearing retirement that number could increase quickly in the near future.

Regulatory compliance may also present challenges for smaller and medium-sized carriers over the next several years. An upcoming ELD mandate as well as new laws pertaining to speed limiters could pose financial challenges.

Since trucking serves so many other industries, economic fluctuations can also pose a problem when administrators are hoping for growth in the field. A lack of consumer spending can translate into reduced demand for freight, which means general financial uncertainty is also a problem trucking must look out for.

While some of these issues can be predicted and planned for, solutions can come at different paces. Though the trucking field may not find a quick fix to all the obstacles it faces, administrators and drivers are working hard to help their industry flourish regardless of any obstacles that stand in their way.

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