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What Laws Will the Trucking Industry Push for in 2018?

What Laws Will the Trucking Industry Push for in 2018?

For truck drivers, having a say in the regulatory state of their industry is very important.

If drivers and trucking managers don’t voice their opinions on how their industry should be regulated, outsiders will – and sometimes the combined input of many industry experts still falls short of accomplishing the things they’d like to.

While truckers got a lot accomplished in 2017, they hope to continue this positive trend in 2018. There are several things they hope to get done in Washington, as their efforts to improve their line of work can sometimes require the help of lawmakers.

Here are a couple laws truckers may push for in 2018.

Infrastructure Updates That Are Long Overdue

When the current presidential administration was first campaigning, one of the biggest promises dealt with a plan to overhaul the country’s infrastructure.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has rated U.S. infrastructure as barely above failing. This makes it costly and even dangerous to those who make their living by moving freight from point A to point B.

So far, the upgrades truckers were promised to roads and bridges still haven’t materialized. Will 2018 finally be the year that the freight industry sees potholes patched and roadways revamped? Only time will tell.

Michael’s Law: A Step to Protect Drivers

The tragic case of trucker Michael Boeglin being killed and burned in his rig resonated with truckers throughout the country.

Drivers know all too well about being targeted by criminals. Their willingness to go into new areas at odd hours with few contacts make them vulnerable to attackers. Multiple truckers have ended up robbed and injured this year, leading to the proposed legislation known as ‘Michael’s Law.’

The law would allow truckers to carry guns during interstate travel, freeing them from the complications of obeying gun laws in different jurisdictions when they cross state lines.

What Chances Do These Laws Have of Passing?

When it comes to upgrading American infrastructure, there are many steps that need to be taken. Planning, funding allocation, and timelines must all be hammered out before changes can begin. With little talk of these things happening now, it may be some time before they come to pass.

As for Michael’s Law, truckers have staged protests and movements to demonstrate just how important the law is. If they keep it up, this proposal could very well be passed in 2018.

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