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What Kinds of Labor Issues Exist in Trucking?

What Kinds of Labor Issues Exist in Trucking?

Recently, a request was made to the National Labor Relations Board concerning action to protect truck drivers from becoming victimized in their workplaces. More specifically, some drivers claim that they were retaliated against after they organized to engage in collective bargaining with their employers.

The NLRB has taken action in favor of truckers previously, as instances like this have also occurred in the past. Though this isn’t the first time the problem has occurred in the industry, it is still a serious concern. Some examples of retaliation cited by truckers include withholding of jobs as well as unnecessary delays.

In 2015, six drivers were fired a day after they voted to unionize. A judge order the drivers be reinstated, but this is classic example of how some employees face backlash once they opt to organize and petition for improvements to their work arrangement.

While some drivers have complained about being treated unfairly for their decision to unionize as employees, others have voice their concerns about being misclassified as independent contractors. A number of carriers in California’s bay area had alleged that they were incorrectly labeled as self-employed though they were expected to perform like employees. This resulted in them losing out on benefits, and led to legal action.

Trucking is a complex industry, with many different types of work arrangements, legal variables, and financial challenges keeping administrators and management on their toes. While every industry has its own issues related to work arrangements, the trucking field has a vested interest in getting these problems resolved.

Given the fact that the driver shortage is still a problem in the freight field, carriers cannot afford to lose out on talent – or to earn a reputation that would stop new drivers from signing with them.

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