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What is the Best Way to Start Out in Trucking?

What is the Best Way to Start Out in Trucking?

Trucking is somewhat of a mixed pot when it comes to how and why people get involved. Some people know someone else in the industry and their choice is heavily influenced by that individual. Others desire the freedom to travel, and find trucking to be a good alternative to traditional career paths.

The trucking industry is home to drivers of various age groups. Although veteran drivers are retiring more frequently these days, younger drivers are not entering the industry as quickly as they were before. This keeps the age groups fairly spread out among the truck driving population.

What is the best way for a truck driver to get started in the industry? This depends on several factors, including what the person is looking for out of their career.

Some people get involved in trucking as a side job. They use it as a temporary way to make money when their primary career has either slowed down or gone into an off season. Some people work in freight transportation as a supplementary job, but transition into it more fully over time.

For others, trucking is a long-term career. Despite its ups and downs, many people stick with the freight industry for decades. A person may gain endorsements or even move into managerial roles over time, but the career-minded trucking professional is still an important part of the economy.

In either case, it helps immensely to have solid references and referrals. Referrals are used by the vast majority of trucking companies to onboard new talent. Knowing that a driver is dedicated and reliable makes it easier for companies to bring them onto the team. It helps carriers minimize liability and ensure any training resources they use on the new hire are a good long-term investment.

A good trucking school education is also important for starting off the right way. With quality training from proven professionals, any trucker can improve their short-term or long-term career.

Starting out in trucking often means taking the jobs which are available. In a time when carriers are seeking long-term employees, drivers may opt to work their way up in a company depending on how long they plan to stay in the field.  

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