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What is Included in the Trucking Alliance’s Safety Agenda?

What is Included in the Trucking Alliance’s Safety Agenda?

Safety has always been a delicate topic in trucking. While safe practices and procedures are needed to minimize the liability presented by large commercial vehicles on America’s highways, too many regulatory controls can sometimes stifle economic progress – without providing the results lawmakers hope for.

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, better known as simply The Trucking Alliance, has been heavily involved with the passing of laws in the freight industry. Drivers, administrators, and logistics experts within the group have gone to great lengths to advance their safety agenda. Their latest efforts involve participating in a Congressional hearing.

There are several key points the group has touched on regarding how to create safer conditions in the trucking industry. One such measure has been the implementation of electronic logging devices to replace paper logs. By ensuring greater accuracy in how hours are recorded, members of The Trucking Alliance believe that ELDs could help to reduce accidents related to driver fatigue.

Members have also spoken favorably of a switch to hair-follicle tests, which they say are more effective at detecting recreational drugs in a driver’s system than urine tests. The Alliance has also been vocal in promoting lower maximum speeds for commercial vehicles, with their proposed cap being 65mph.

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