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What Have Recent Regulations Meant for Smaller Carriers?

What Have Recent Regulations Meant for Smaller Carriers?

Regulatory measures are present in almost every aspect of truck driving. Laws exist dealing with everything from the amount of hours a driver can work in a week to the type of safety inspections that rigs must be put through.

But within the industry are organizations and businesses of all sizes. Given that regulations have a reputation for being costly and burdensome in certain cases, it’s understandable that the quickly changing trucking landscape may seem difficult for small carriers an owner-operators.

The upcoming ELD mandate is a popular topic in trucking, and though larger organizations like the American Trucking Associations have spoken favorably of the mandate and its ability to bring about safer driving habits for commercial vehicles, not everyone agrees. Smaller carriers, however, have struggled with this move as their limited fleets may not be able to provide efficient results with such strict hourly limitations.

In contrast, recent environmental regulations may end up helping the fragmented part of the trucking market in the long run. While the initial switch to more eco-friendly technology may make for a costly time for smaller carriers and owner-operators, cleaner engines can lead to better fuel efficiency. This means that this switch can benefit small and large trucking companies alike.

The final regulatory measure which may have an impact on smaller carriers is the new proposed speed limit on heavy trucks. While smaller carriers may have some large truck in their fleet, the bulk of this measure may be felt by larger organizations as well. While some owner-operators or small carriers with heavier vehicles may need to change their routes and strategies accordingly, this measure will likely not impact smaller carriers substantially.

New measures develop constantly within the trucking industry, and the challenge is always changing for smaller carriers as well as owner-operators. While certain regulations have a noticeable impact, others barely have any effect at all.

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