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What Does Intel’s Deal with Mobileye Mean for Trucking?

What Does Intel’s Deal with Mobileye Mean for Trucking?

Many tech mergers have made an impact on trucking. Uber’s 2016 acquisition of Otto and Tesla’s acquisition of Solar City were both noteworthy deals that made headlines in the transportation industry. But a recent purchase of autonomous driving technology company Mobileye by Intel could be the most impactful acquisition yet.

While driverless trucks are becoming more popular, they still have plenty of problems. Safety concerns rank at the top of the list, with more than a few accidents having already been reported.

As experts look to work out the problems, Mobileye’s sensor-based system may be a big step in the right direction. Designed to detect hazards and apply brakes automatically as needed, this type of technology could be just what is needed for a safer result during future driving tests.

Intel’s presence in the tech world combined with their resources makes this new acquisition a very promising one. Mobileye is confident in their ability to reduce collisions, with exact figures aiming at a 60 percent overall.

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