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What Do Tech-Mergers Reveal About the Trucking Industry?

What Do Tech-Mergers Reveal About the Trucking Industry?

Technology has always played a role in trucking. Even before the digital age, carriers had to remain on top of the latest developments in automotive technology to optimize their fleets for better performance. But trucking is evolving just like any other industry. And given that so many modern developments affect their field of work, most truckers and carriers are taking notice of major tech mergers going on in the transportation industry.

The first of these is Uber’s merger with Otto. Uber had already expressed intentions to create a decentralized freight platform similar to the one they created for ride-sharing. While skeptics noted that the freight delivery industry was much more complex than that of public transportation, Uber continued their ventures into trucking after acquiring Otto.

Using their self-driving kits, Uber created a driverless commercial truck which recently made an actual delivery. This merger lets drivers and carriers know that driverless technology is becoming more prominent, but also suggests that the fragmented market may be moving more toward decentralized solutions.

Tesla’s recent merger with Solarcity has caused many in the trucking industry to take notice, as it indicates two trends which may become more prevalent on roadways. The first is, like Uber, Tesla has expressed interest in driverless technology.

The second deals with the use of clean energy. Truckers have already started using cleaner engines which produce fewer emissions, but this merger speaks volumes about how vehicles in the future may use alternative energy sources.

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