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What Are the Biggest Dangers for Truckers on the Road?

What Are the Biggest Dangers for Truckers on the Road?

While they may not have to deal with the dangerous environment of a factory or construction site, truckers aren’t exempt from hazardous work conditions simply because their labor arrangement is unconventional. In fact, making a living on the road presents many dangers which aren’t found in any other line of work.

Freight transportation is a tricky line of work because it involves getting away from a centralized location. And while carriers can equip their fleets with high-end safety equipment just like a factory owner can secure their facility, no carrier can present the dangers that come with sharing the road with other drivers.

While some safety groups have voiced their concern about the dangers presented by commercial vehicles, the motoring public can also present dangers. For example, truck drivers may have to share the road with drivers who are distracted or unaware of the proper way to handle their vehicle around large trucks, busses, or vans.

At a time when truck driver groups and associations are working diligently to reduce accident rates, several mandates have even affected the safety of truck drivers. The proposed speed-limit reduction for heavy vehicles has already been widely discussed in the trucking industry, with many drivers claiming that this rule could limit their ability to maneuver out of dangerous situations on the roads.

While a great deal of dangers for truckers come from other sources, some hazards are relative to the driver. A driver who is well-rested and well-trained is less likely to be involved in an accident. Updated HOS rules, data-logging practices, and training requirements have been utilized recently to help prevent accidents as well.

Trucking can be a dangerous profession, but drivers and carriers who plan ahead and remain aware of the threats on the road can prepare for them more efficiently.

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