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Were Truckers Hurt by an Illegal Regulatory Move?

Were Truckers Hurt by an Illegal Regulatory Move?

The topic of emissions is one truckers have been hearing about for years. As climate issues become more pressing and more people express concerns about the impact the freight industry has on the environment, truckers have gotten used to seeing more eco-based regulations affect their line of work.

Many drivers and administrators welcome this change, as it has the potential to reduce costs for truck drivers and carriers in the long-term. However, not every aspect of the new regulatory measures has been done by the book, according to some groups within the field.

Multiple trucking companies in California and other groups are reaching out to the Environmental Protection Agency over what they believe is a major statutory violation in the regulatory process.

Regulations finalized in the end of 2016 require heavy-duty trucks to reduce their emissions by 9 percent by 2027. The regulations also require them to abide by strict standards related to aerodynamic design.

However, the EPA failed to seek peer review from the Science Advisory Board, a step mandated by Congress before the passing of these regulations.

Ted Hadzi-Antich, an attorney for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, spoke about the issue. He claims the EPA was in such a hurry when the regulations were initially suggested that they failed to go through the appropriate steps. Without outside credibility from experts and analysts, it remains to be seen whether the regulations are truly founded in their construction and the supposed results they will provide.

The EPA has announced a willingness to revisit certain regulations and to determine whether current rules should be modified or rescinded. Hadzi-Antich noted that the petition was filed when the Trump Administration was in power, as those behind it believed the pro-business stance would benefit the carriers struggling to manage the rushed regulatory measures.

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