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Want 50 More Horsepower? Checkout Volvo’s New Powertrain

Want 50 More Horsepower? Checkout Volvo’s New Powertrain

If you, like many other North American truckers, love Volvo trucks then this news is right up your alley. Volvo has announced many new improvements in the new powertrain. One enhancement we are very excited about is the genius idea they have come up for exhausted heat.

We know that truck exhausts generate a lot of heat and most solutions up till now were focused on minimizing the heat or at dissipating it as quickly as possible. Volvo has rethought the whole strategy and instead of trying to get rid of the heat they have decided to make it useful. The new technology they are using will allow them to capture the heat and convert into power.

Drivers will love this because Volvo will use the extra exhaust heat and convert it into 50 extra horsepower for your engine. This means that not only is the horsepower increasing, the horsepower is increasing without any increase in fuel usage. These are the type of innovations we have come to expect from the engineers over at Volvo.

Volvo has always been known for their trucks excellent ‘downspeeding’ capabilities and this enhancement is a clear statement from them that they intend to be the leaders in downspeeding. Working for fuel efficiency in the heavy haul segment of trucks is no easy task; these trucks carry the heaviest loads and thus consume the most fuel. Most truck manufacturers seem to have just accepted that heavy haul trucking will be inefficient when it comes to fuel but Volvo believes differently.

This is not the only enhancement announced. A rail fuel system is also being added to the available options and the pistons of the engine are also being changed into a ‘wave’ like design. Both these changes increase the fuel efficiency by 2.2% which might not sound like a lot but over the long term adds to a lot.

Normally the diesel hits the center of the pistons from where it travels outward. In the wave shaped design the diesel spirals inward instead of spreading out. This results in a better compression ratio as well as less soot, since there are no more wet spots inside the engine. These types of out-of-the-box improvements are always a welcome for truckers. The company has also announced plans to bring improvements to its gear shift and many other parts in the upcoming year.

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