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Volvo Unveils New VNL Series Tractor

Volvo Unveils New VNL Series Tractor

Volvo is one of the biggest names in transportation, and their impact on the freight transportation industry has been significant.

Volvo Trucks North America recently announced the newest entry into their VNL series. Management called the tractor innovative and groundbreaking, claiming it will help to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. It is currently available in multiple configurations, including a 70-inch sleeper.

Volvo has worked hard to honor their commitment to safe and functional vehicles that exceed expectations and lead to more efficient long-haul trucking. Volvo Trucks North America president Goran Nyberg said the truck offers new technologies and innovations, and the company is proud to expand on their commitments to current customers, as well as future ones.

The people behind the design of the new Volvo VNL mixed elements of the company’s design language with features described by the company’s spokesperson as “dynamic.” Features include Volvo’s frame and daytime running lights combined with swept-back headlights. The tractor also includes a reworked grille and hood.

Improved engine air intake makes for calmer air delivery, making for a smoother ride. Roof fairings help to direct airflow around the redesigned chassis, cutting back on wind resistance. The new model was designed to look great, but it was also built to help customers save. Better efficiency means lower costs, which makes this vehicle a worthwhile option to consider for carriers of all sizes.

The truck was also built to help a driver manage their trip easier, with a reworked dashboard offering quick access to commonly used controls. A handy display shows off trip and diagnostic information, and this display is fully customizable.

Even an optional “infotainment” system is available, offering a seven-inch color touchscreen with navigation assistance and a back-up camera. A high-end audio system is integrated as well, offering Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Apps can also be downloaded onto the system.

The smart steering-wheel puts the controls a driver needs at their fingertips, with premium add-ons like heated seats and ventilation also being available. Over 2,000 driver interviews helped Volvo gather data on the changes they made, according to the company’s product marketing manager. Like all Volvo trucks, it will come with diagnostic and telematic tools, as well as 24/7 support.

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