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Volvo Trucks approves the usage of Renewable Diesel Oil for its engines

Volvo Trucks approves the usage of Renewable Diesel Oil for its engines

The news that Volvo Trucks approved the use of renewable diesel oil for its engines made the front page of several leading dailies. the company made the decision after extensive lab testing of their trucks and engines. The customers of Volvo Trucks North America welcomed this decision with open arms as it meant cost savings and environmental benefits for them. The decision also means that Volvo Trucks became the first in its category to agree to the usage of renewable diesel.

In response to a question regarding the decision, Volvo Trucks’ director of sales development, Frank Bio, said, “Environmental care is a core value of Volvo Trucks, and we are pleased to offer our customers another alternative fuel choice.” He further added, “Availability of renewable diesel fuel is growing in California and throughout the country. Renewable diesel meets the same ASTM D975 standard for petroleum diesel, making it a true ‘drop in’ fuel.”

Manufactured using biomass feedstocks and a second-generation alternative fuel, renewable diesel fuel features animal fats and oils. This is different from the process used for producing conventional biodiesel. Also, the fuel produced as a result of using feedstocks improves the performance issues related to temperature that were being faced due to the use of conventional biodiesel.

Volvo Trucks believes that the use of renewable diesel oil for its engines has multiple benefits. These benefits include lower greenhouse gas emissions, no risk of warranty, and lower cost of maintenance than its substitutes. Basically, the use of renewable diesel oil improves the environmental and financial impact of vehicle operations.

The decision approving the usage of renewable diesel oil has allowed the customers of Volvo Trucks to reduce carbon emissions as well as being fuel-efficient. According to the Air Resources Board of California, renewable diesel has helped reduce greenhouse gases substantially.

Volvo Trucks has had a longstanding focus on the environment and the decision to add renewable diesel as an approved fuel for its engines is in line with the company’s focus. The assembly plant located in Dublin, Virginia, is the manufacturing site for all North American Volvo Trucks.

This is the same plant where the versions of Volvo’s VNM and VNL day cabs powered by natural gas are manufactured. The ISL G engine powers the VNM day cab while a 12-liter Cummins-Westport ISX12 G engine features as part of the Volvo VNL model.

Environmental care is something Volvo Trucks takes seriously. This is the reason their initiatives go beyond their products. The fact that Volvo Trucks joined other American companies in support of a Climate Pledge is proof of this as well.
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