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US Customs Inspect Trucks Coming From Mexico

US Customs Inspect Trucks Coming From Mexico

In order to reduce speed cargo and congestion on one of the busiest border checkpoints of the nation, for the first time since Tuesday, U.S. authorities have started operating on Mexican land and inspecting trucks destined to the United States from Tijuana, in accordance with a new border enforcement plan.

The program was jointly launched by Mexican and US officials after opposition from the Mexican legislators was dropped and the nation’s firearm laws were amended, allowing immigration and foreign custom officials to carry arms on the post.

Formerly an electronics equipment factory, now staffed with US and Mexican officials, truckers who arrive at the facility are supposed to stop at one of the windows where they will be instructed if they need to pull aside for cargo inspection. After processing, they will be told if they can drive through the gates and into San Diego.

Luis Videgaray, Mexican Treasury Secretary, who was present at Tijuana’s Mesa de Otay section joint facility, a few blocks from the checkpoint, said, “The benefit is very simple: avoid double inspection.”

It was difficult to decipher the mood on either side as the occasion was marked by Mexican and U.S. officials by permitting a delivery of strawberries to San Diego. However, the compliance officer from Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc., Arazeli Penilla, commented that trial runs conducted earlier in the week have shown waiting times are expected to be halved.

Three months ago, trucks bound to Mexico carrying automotive and electronics parts started being inspected by Mexican officials at the Texas, Laredo International Airport. For the time being, only agricultural goods having a low probability of pests and disease infections are undergoing these inspections. However, inspection of computers heading into El Paso, Texas through San Jeronimo, Chihuahua in Mexico will start later in the year.

R. Gil Kerlikowske, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, said, “It just makes an awful lot of sense,” and hopes the program will be expanded to other border crossings from Canada and Mexico.

This latest advancement in US – Mexico close border relations came after the air terminal in San Diego, connected via a bridge directly to the Tijuana airport, and was opened last month. – See more at:

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