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Unique Innovations of CCJ’s 2015 Innovator’s Program

Unique Innovations of CCJ’s 2015 Innovator’s Program

Most of the motor carrier companies in this year’s CCJ Innovator’s Program have rejected the status quo. Their willingness to work against the norm has resulted from the collective desire to produce and design innovative solutions and their efforts have helped the trucking industry to eradicate common problems faced in the fields of safety, efficiency, and maintenance and customer service. One of these enterprises will now earn the “2016 Innovators of the Year” award next year for their contribution to the industry.

There are a lot of contenders for this honor, which are listed below with their innovative and proactive solutions.

The management of Andrews Logistics started efforts this year, with an aim to reduce accidents and safety incidents by a reasonable percentage. Instead, the team was able to create a “Target Zero” concept, by evaluating the accidents, spills and contamination incidents in the past.

Wal-Mart took on a massive job to double its fleet. This prevalent goal was established in 2005 and a baseline was put in place. The management has now been able to devise a formula to calculate fleet efficiency by the ratio between vehicle miles traveled and miles per gallon to find out about fuel consumption.

A&R Logistics made massive investments in the asset operation and technology sectors to stay ahead due to strict competition and regulations associated with the bulk liquid transportation practices.

A Duie Pyle tried to reinvent itself by taking a huge step, in order to establish itself as a single source provider for its customers. By establishing the Custom Solution Group, the company will be able to strengthen the custom truckload, brokerage, warehouse and distribution services into a single cohesive unit. The objective of the company was to enhance efficiency and provide better customer service to their clients.

Door 2 Door Organics is a specialty online grocery service, which changed its delivery routes to increase efficiency and save on fuel consumption. This decision by the company ensured growth over the course of the year and the deliveries increased by 20%, while the logistics department reported a decrease in costs up to 10%.

Mesilla Valley Transportation has made leaps in the fuel efficiency department. Its name has become synonymous with fuel efficiency and it is now one of the largest fleet owners in America. The company owns 1,350 trucks, with an average of 9.01 mpg and 4% idle time.

Saddle Creek Logistics has been successful in increasing driver compensation packages without raising prices for their customers. This was made possible by the company’s decision to invest in an interactive planning dashboard with a built-in predictive model, which determines the time and day when the order will become available to the truck driver.

Along with the companies mentioned above, several other fleet enterprises are also strong competitors for the 2016 Innovators of the Year Award. Transport America, Haney Truck Line, Schneider, Freymiller were all recognized by the CCJ Innovator’s Program as well, due to their contributions in the field of driver recruitment and retention, as well as security and safety. – See more at:

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