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Uber’s New App: Will it Change Freight Transportation Forever?

Uber’s New App: Will it Change Freight Transportation Forever?

Uber has been one of the names hovering on the cusp of trucking news for a few years now. The transportation giant was a trailblazing pioneer the field of ridesharing, providing people with an alternative to traditional options like public transportation.

Now it seems Uber’s interest in the freight market may lead to another industry being changed forever. Their new app is changing the game when it comes to freight transport. Like their previous endeavor, this option aims to connect a fragmented market, and help shippers and receivers work together more easily.

Uber announced on Thursday that it was launching Uber freight, an app that provides the freight-version of their famed ridesharing model. Just like customers would press a button and get a cab, Uber wants them to be able to press a button and get a truck.

This model could prove very valuable in an industry filled with small carriers and independent drivers that sometimes struggle to compete with the business models of larger companies and trucking associations.

The app and the model it promotes will not be without opposition. Uber has been involved in many controversies throughout its history, with regulators and industry giants opposing the companies decentralized approach to providing services.

Uber isn’t the only company to try their hand at this type of model. Ghostruck is a startup dedicated to providing a similar service to consumers in the freight industry. The difference with Uber Freight is that it is designed for use by the professional trucking industry.

With other names like Convoy, Trucker Path, Cargomatic, and even Amazon either in the field or rumored to enter soon, the old-school scenario of truckers going through a dispatcher may soon be phased out. This could in turn bring new opportunities to drivers across the country.

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