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UBER For The Trucking Industry

UBER For The Trucking Industry

We all know how UBER has changed the personal transportation industry. We were all using normal taxis and suddenly there was this new and much more convenient option available. A lot of other companies are taking the UBER idea and applying it to other industries. The trucking industry is no exception and is perfect for UBER. In order to understand why such apps are so important it needs to be understood that small trucking company owners have it the hardest. If your fleet is huge then it can easily get work from big companies. If your fleet is not huge then big companies usually avoid contacting small time trucking companies.

This means that trucking companies have to either take out huge loans to expand enough to get big contracts or just be content with small work. Another issue is that even the small tasks are often given to the bigger trucking companies. When people want to get trucking services they simply search for the most popular, which more often than not is also the biggest one. UBER like apps can easily disrupt this whole arrangement and make things much better for small trucking company owners. The main reason that UBER has been so successful is that it directly connects riders with rated drivers. Riders love it because they don’t have to worry about what type of a car will show up and neither do they have to bargain.

Apps like Overhaul, Cargomatic, Convoy, and many others are applying the same model to trucking industries. The way trucking works would change dramatically. Now, when someone wants to get something moved, they will not look around for trucking company phone numbers. They will simply use an app and specify how much weight they want carried, how much space they require, and what the destination is. From there on they will be provided by price and time estimates from companies around them automatically and the customer can choose the best offer.

This allows small operators to effectively compete with bigger operators on rates. This takes the networking and marketing element out of the trucking business, which has been the main barrier for new and small companies. On the other hand, such services could also result in more trucking companies opening since the market is becoming friendlier towards competition. Overhaul is the latest such app to be released and it is differentiating itself by focusing on being a trusted and certified marketplace. – See more at:

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