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Does Uber Have the Experience to Succeed in Trucking?

Does Uber Have the Experience to Succeed in Trucking?

It was reported previously that ride-hailing juggernaut Uber expressed interest in entering the long-haul trucking industry. After their acquisition of self-driving startup Otto during the summer, Uber announced plans to implement new technologies and make big changes to the trucking industry.

However, while Uber has funds, resources, and a big name, many feel that they lack one key asset that they need to succeed in the trucking industry – experience. Though the transportation industry is similar to the freight industry, there are many important distinctions that set the two apart.

Many important names within the industry have commented on the Uber-Otto offerings. The consensus among many is that a good portion of trucking revolves around experience and the relationship building that goes along with it.

This is especially true for logistics, an area where Uber has shown considerable interest in. Whereas the ride-hailing industry revolves merely around getting customers from A to B, trucking revolves around transporting sensitive items according to parameters like distance, cost, and regulatory mandates.

Though their entry into the field is certainly ambitious and their use of Otto’s technology may help them considerably, it remains to be seen whether or not the organization will have a considerable impact on the trucking industry.

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