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TSA Issues Report to Trucking Industry Regarding Terrorism

TSA Issues Report to Trucking Industry Regarding Terrorism

The news has been plagued in recent years with stories of terrorists using commercial trucks to attack entire crowds of people. It has always been known that the size of these vehicles has the potential to make them deadly, and the Transportation Security Administration has released a report urging those in the freight industry to remain vigilant concerning this threat.

Companies that own commercial trucks or that rent them could easily be targeted by terrorists who are looking to commandeer said vehicles to hurt others. In the past three years, 173 people have been killed and 700 more have been wounded in 17 separate attacks across the world.

“Trucking’s central role in the economy and supply chain makes it attractive for the sorts of attacks we have seen in recent months,” noted Sean McNally, vice president for public affairs and press secretary of the American Trucking Associations. “There is no more dedicated, professional and patriotic group of people than truck drivers, so our industry is disturbed by the possibility that someone would use our vehicles as weapons.”

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) has pledged to work with law enforcement to help prevent their vehicles from being stolen and used for terroristic purposes. The organization has released a brochure discussing the danger and how to guard against it.

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