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Truckloads Mobile App Reaches 100,000 Downloads

Truckloads Mobile App Reaches 100,000 Downloads

One of the main goals of the trucking industry is to match up available drivers with those who need freight transportation and delivery services. Cutting down on wasted time and making the most of every trip has always been something that successful trucking companies have tried to do. But even the most talented logistics professionals can sometimes fall short in organizing optimal results. However, increased communication among those within the industry has helped out immensely.

Trucker Path has been met with praise for their Truckloads mobile application. This unique tool provides users with access to a freight marketplace for trucking, creating new possibilities for both drivers and receivers to meet their needs more efficiently without relying on middlemen. The popularity of the app can’t be denied – with over 100,000 downloads since its public release in April, this unique tool has had a big impact on the industry.

Prior to the public release, the app’s beta also had an impressive 25,000 downloads. Companies have been able to find capacity across the US, allowing them to cut down on waste throughout their trips. Carriers have also benefited, as they’ve been able to locate and book loads with ease. According to Trucker Path, over 400 freight brokers post 1.2 million loads per month on the app. Owner-operators also use the app to find loads and alert others of their availability.

The company has also noted that the Truckloads mobile application helps to move as much as 10% of the freight in North America during the busiest times in each season. Trucker Path also offers additional tools which help truckers. Their Trucker Path Pro app helps to provide trip planning resources and crowd sourcing capabilities to drivers.

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