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Truckloads Freight Marketplace Presents New Possibilities in the Industry

Truckloads Freight Marketplace Presents New Possibilities in the Industry

Trucker Path has created numerous handy trip-planning apps that have been well received by the trucking industry. With over a million downloads for this app, it should come as no surprise that Trucker Path is continuing to use their knowledge of the field to make life easier for truckers, trucking companies, and receivers. Recently, the organization announced Truckload, a large freight marketplace available as a free download on most mobile devices (a web version is available). This allows companies to access freight capacity, makes booking loads much easier, and provides a reliable score for each trucking company listed.

While the economy depends largely upon truckers, many companies have a hard time coordinating deliveries. This is especially true in busy areas where most well-known trucking companies keep tight schedules working with long-time receivers. This app aims to allow customers to find information about which freight carriers are available, how much freight they can carry, and more. This streamlines the process of helping customers hire drivers and get the shipments they need. A great tool for trucking companies and owner-operators alike, the freight marketplace removes many of the issues associated with traditional freight booking and deliveries.

In addition, each freight company is listed alongside a credit score which can give users feedback concerning their reliability, price, and other factors. In addition to information about accessing instant trucks, the marketplace also provides a list of “verified locations” to help customers built long-term business relationships with nearby truckers or trucking companies if need be. This is handy for helping freight companies establish themselves and can also be a great tool for owner-operators who want to work towards getting consistent jobs. This type of marketplace helps to make it easier for all types of truckers to do business, and for customers to get the service they need without sacrificing quality.

While systems similar to this have existed in the past, the marketplace has proven to be one of the most successful when it comes to boosting business in the industry. Currently 300 companies are posting over 800,000 loads per month and more are expected to join in the near future. Trucker Path has been a respected name in the trucking industry, and the Truckload marketplace will undoubtedly boost their stock even higher. The trucking industry always looks for ways to coordinate business more effectively, and this system does just that.

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