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Truckload Carriers Association Announces New President

Truckload Carriers Association Announces New President

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), an Alexandria, Virginia based trade association, has announced John Lyboldt will be the group’s new president. He will begin his duties full time on Monday, December 21st.

Lyboldt is taking the place of Brad Bentley who reigned this past August 27th due to family obligations in his home state of Alabama. “It has been my distinct honor to serve as president of the Truckload Carriers Association for the past 10 months, but the time has come for a new direction,” a statement from Bentley said. The TCA said he plans to take a little time to himself and spend it with his family before looking for new opportunities within the trucking sector.

Bentley was only at TCA for a short time, since October 2014, and was chosen from over 125 job applicants by a nine member task force, like the one assembled to search for their most recent president. Previously, Bentley worked as the editorial director of the Randall-Reilly Publishing Co.’s recruiting unit in their Tuscaloosa, Alabama, office. He was there from 2008 to 2014. He has been in the trucking-related publishing business since 1988.

The new president was chosen from outside of the trucking sector. Lyboldt has been working as senior vice president of dealer services for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) for the last eight years. The NADA represents the managers and employees of franchised new car and truck dealers. Previously, he has worked for of the Rochester Automobile Dealers Association as their president and CEO, where he was for 17 years.

The hunt for a new president was conducted by TCA Chairman Keith Tuttle and his special task force, which reviewed over 70 applications. Once they got their choice of candidates narrowed to seven, they started their interviews. “After all of the interviews were completed, it was our unanimous decision to recommend John as the next leader of TCA,” said Tuttle. “He brings broad experience in leading both profit and non-profit corporations. He has experience in motivating large and small teams and possesses strong financial oversight skills. We’re very glad John has agreed to join our trucking family.”

He was chosen based on his past experience, his strong ethics, his professionalism and his impressive resume, which included managing many diverse businesses and overseeing 75 workers. The TCA said he is exceptionally capable when it comes to getting local, state and national stakeholders t agree on something, is a skilled team builder and able to develop positive interpersonal relationships as well as improving efficiencies.

“It is an honor to be selected as TCA’s President, and I am thrilled to be leading a prominent well respected organization with rich history, experienced staff and that is vitally important to the success of its’ membership, external stakeholders and the truckload industry,” Lyboldt said.

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