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Trucking School Affected by Data Leak

Trucking School Affected by Data Leak

A trucking school that partners with Bloomsburg University has alerted students about a potential data leak.

SAGE Truck Driving School works in a partnership with the university to offer driving programs, though the two institutions have their own rosters of staff and students. Personal data stored in computers in a Berwick training facility may have been exposed due to malicious software.

It was only recently that the topic of data security got a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons. A data leak by credit-monitoring giant Equifax led to the private information of 143 million people being compromised. Another leak occurred at a “big four” accounting firm in Europe just days ago.

These companies were targets because their records represent a goldmine for data thieves. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, and a plethora of other information is available from these types of institutions. Truck driving schools gather similar amounts of information to help them know who they’re training before they certify said trainees for the road.

An attack like this shows that truck drivers and trainees aren’t just in danger of data theft when they’re putting their information into digital freight systems like telematics solutions or ELDs. These days, simply placing information in a system used for training can lead to a person being victimized.

The leak was first discovered by Bloomsburg University’s technical staff during one of their routine service visits. They found that malware had been installed remotely on two computers within the facility. The machines were immediately turned off on their network connectivity was disabled.

There’s a big debate in trucking about just how valuable privacy is. While no one likes the thought of their information falling into the wrong hands, most jobs today require individuals to put at least some of their personal data into a company’s system.

Whether a person is actively working on a company roster or simply training, security should always be a top priority. As data thieves have become craftier, job trainees across all industries must be aware of the hazards that come with sharing their information.

Officials from the university and the trucking school have given no further comments about the leak at this time.

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