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Trucking Safety Advocates Worried Over Speed Limit Rule

Trucking Safety Advocates Worried Over Speed Limit Rule

Trucking has seen its fair share of new mandates as of late, and one of the most widely discussed was the new speed cap for heavy vehicles. The mandate, which was proposed by multiple federal agencies, intends to cap the speed of new commercial trucks at 68, 65, or in some cases 60 miles per hour.

While truckers oppose the rule on the grounds that it makes it more difficult for truckers to maneuver safely around other traffic on the highways, safety groups are largely in favor of the new rule. However, many of these safety advocates are worried about the status of the new speed limit rule as a new administration will be in charge soon.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, regulations take around a year to go into effect after they are published. While the rule was talked about for over a decade, groups that approve of it, such as the American Trucking Associations, recently got the rule published in late August, and were hoping it would go into effect by January before the Obama administration leaves.

A spokesman noted that agencies have to review over 2,200 comments before they can reach a ruling. John Lannen, executive director of the Truck Safety Coalition, said: “I am really disappointed if it’s not done right away. I’m hoping that safety regulations do get looked at differently than maybe just generic regulations because we’re trying to save lives.”

Given that the Trump administration has voice their desire to get rid of unnecessary regulations, many wonder if the new speed mandate will come into effect at all. While the new president-elect’s transition team has been asked about the ruling, they have yet to comment on it and are instead focusing on setting up their new administration at the moment.

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