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Trucking Moves America Forward Mascot Named at GATS

Trucking Moves America Forward Mascot Named at GATS

In 2014, Trucking Moves America Forward was launched at the 2014 Mid-American Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The purpose of the group was simple, but complex – create a positive image for trucking and educate everyone from policy makers to the general public. A basic premise, but one that offered many challenges, this goal has been vigorously pursued over the past three years.

Through news stories, digital campaigns, and plenty of research, the organization has been strategic with its aspirations. TMAF has seen significant success, putting 149 of their branded wraps on commercial vehicles around the country. They’ve also gotten over 200 donners and more than 3,000 online subscribers.

With more than 150 media placements and millions of advertisement impressions to help them make their mark, TMAF has quickly become one of the top names in trucking. Their recent appearance at The Great American Trucking Show made a big impression on event-goers for a number of reasons.

Besides having an in-person communication line with one of the most well-respected PR organizations in the industry, trucking enthusiasts also got to meet the organization’s mascot.

It started out as a mere novelty, generating interest for the panel by wandering the convention area, taking pictures with attendees, and even dancing on occasion. It wasn’t until day 3 of this year’s GATS that Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express and chairman of the American Trucking Associations and co-chairman of TMAF announced the mascot had a name – Safety Sammy.

Safety is always one of the top concerns in the freight industry, so spreading awareness is important. A mascot is just one of many ways TMAF has worked to garner interest in their causes and generate excitement about a topic many view as technical and bland.

Their efforts have succeeded, as they’ve amassed a powerful following on social media. This includes over 12,900 likes on Facebook, more than 3,400 followers on Twitter, and 47,000+ views on YouTube.

“We have a mascot because it is long overdue,” Burch said. We need to tell our story, what we do every day. The mascot’s helping us amplify trucking’s voice both within the community and outside the industry.”

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