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“Trucking Moves America Forward” Crusade Moves Forward

“Trucking Moves America Forward” Crusade Moves Forward

Holland has recently purchased a set of 20 trailer wraps to move the “Trucking Moves America Forward” campaign forward. The company’s move was to show appreciation for the trucking industry as millions of trucks each day attend to the nation’s needs, without ever failing. Holland trucks, in this respect, have always been at the forefront. According to Scott Ware, Holland Co.’s President seemed proud of the company’s decision to upstage and show its dedication towards the honest campaign.

He said, “We are proud to be a part of the Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) program. Holland is wrapping 20 of our newest trailers with the ‘It takes 7 million people to move America’ message. We hope this message reaches hundreds of thousands of Americans, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the many hardworking professional drivers in the trucking industry–like those who drive for Holland.”

Ware believed that this commitment to the great cause will not only benefit the trucking industry but also encourage other competitor companies to join the cause.

Presented at the spot, Kevin Burch, the First Vice Chairman of the American Trucking Associations, said, “Trucking Moves America Forward’ campaign not only demonstrates their enthusiasm for trucking, but I also believe it is the kind of spark that will continue to educate the American public that trucking is safe, essential and making an impact on our carbon footprint. The passion Holland is showing with their commitment to the campaign is further evidence that Holland is part of the strong trucking community and wants to bring positive recognition to the more than 7 million people who work in it.”

Ware placed his concluding remarks saying, “Holland employees and drivers work to bring industry-leading, quality next-day service to our customers. Holland drivers make safety a number one priority. It is only fitting that Holland professional drivers share the importance of trucking in our economy with these 20 new ‘It takes 7 million people to move America’ rolling billboards. Our drivers will take great pride in showcasing their expertise while delivering Holland customers’ goods across our great service region with these trailers.”

The TMAF campaign was launched back in March, 2014 during the Mid America trucking show, held in Louisville, Kentucky, to show what a pivotal role the trucking industry played in pushing America forward. For years, the trucking industry has been contributing towards the welfare and economic growth of the nation and it is high time its contributions and employees received recognition. – See more at:

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