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Trucking Manager Steals Over a Quarter-Million from Company

Trucking Manager Steals Over a Quarter-Million from Company

The trucking industry is one built on the backs of hard-working people over generations. Truckers handle nearly three-quarters of the nation’s freight, and these organizations look for positive growth when they  bring in new help.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies go through changes that do not take them on a positive path. When changes deal with the misuse and unlawful obtaining of funds from the organization, the situation is even more severe.

This is what allegedly happened at a Bessemer-based trucking company when an owner transferred control of the company’s finances to another party. The other person? The owner’s brother.

The man, 72-year-old David B. Martin, is charged with a whopping 268 felony counts of forgery and 121 misdemeanor counts of unauthorized access device fraud with connection to embezzlement. He is also being charged with five counts of felony theft and receiving stolen property, according to the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office.

Martin is accused of writing 52 unauthorized checks from the company account, using them for his own personal needs. After spending over $60,000 in 2015, he is alleged to have wrote an additional 21 checks from a company account totaling over $70,000 by the end of 2016.

Investigators allege that Martin made over 120 unauthorized transactions with the company’s credit cards, totaling almost $6,000.

Charges were made for golf equipment and course fees, airline tickets, insurance, and court fines. He also logged charges at various fuel and drug stores, as well as a Las Vegas restaurant and casino.

The trucking company’s owner, William Martin, explained that his brother started out as a garage manager for the organization. Overtime, he gave David more control over the organization. He proceeded slowly, allowing his brother to organize some of the billing before giving him a large amount of control over company-wide finances.

William’s wife, Kathy Martin, also discovered David Martin had purchased a watch from company accounts – a $10,500 Rolex. He also purchased two cars, totaling $14,500. She said he had created fake vendor names and numbers, falsifying information to cover his tracks.

The complaints allege this activity was occurring from 2012 to 2016. David Martin was arraigned and is being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.

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