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Trucking Leaders Oppose New Rhode Island Tolls

Trucking Leaders Oppose New Rhode Island Tolls

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s truck-toll law came under fire recently. Leading figures in the trucking industry voice their opposition to the measure, claiming that it put an unfair financial burden on truckers in an effort to cover the cost of repairing the state’s bridges.

The legalities of the measure are still questionable. ATA President Chris Spear visited the state and met with members of the Rhode Island Trucking Association. He said: “We don’t know if this program is legal, but it is bad policy and an extortion of our industry.”

Spear also made it clear that that trucking leaders would take their issues to court if necessary. He said: “Our leaders in Washington are not representing us effectively and our local leaders are following suit with flawed policies. Where these policies adversely affect our industry, we will band together and fight to win. Regardless of that outcome, we will punish those people who target our industry as rolling ATMs and make examples of them as a clear message to others who attempt to do the same.”

Raimondo Spokeswoman Marie Aberger claimed that Spear’s comments were based off self-interest and concern for a financial bottom line. She said: “Of course the Trucking Association has a vested interest in continuing to attack RhodeWorks: their own bottom line. It’s no surprise they still prefer to keep getting a free ride in Rhode Island, while causing most of the damage to our roads and bridges – even though they already pay tolls in nearly every other state from Maryland to Maine.”

No legal action has been taken as of now to oppose the new toll law. Chris Maxwell, president of the Rhode Island Trucking Association spoke about Spear’s visit, saying that it was made clear to him that ATA would devote whatever resources necessary to stop the policy.

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