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Trucking and Infrastructure: A Complicated Relationship

Trucking and Infrastructure: A Complicated Relationship

Last month, American Trucking Associations advisor and former CEO Bill Graves listed infrastructure as one of the main factors affecting truck driving. Roads and bridges have always been needed to support the large commercial vehicles of the freight transportation and delivery industry. And given that truck driving plays such a huge role in the economy, most agree that this cost is an even trade off.

However, when infrastructure is lacking, the trucking industry is also affected. In addition to being slowed down by these conditions, the trucking industry is also often blamed for crumbling roadways. While the size and weight of commercial vehicles makes them valuable for hauling cargo, they can prove to be a bit more detrimental to roads and bridges.

This problem has led to multiple court cases pertaining to who should cover the costs of this infrastructure. Tolls and other miscellaneous charges have often been put off on drivers, though the results have sometimes been questionable.

There have been recent news stories about trucking groups taking legal action over these types of fees. In some cases, drivers feel that they are being overcharged for the impact their vehicles have on the roads. Others fail to see the money they pay going toward the infrastructure improvements that would improve the industry and make a driver’s life easier.

At the very least, one can look back and say that most aspects of infrastructure have been improved for truck drivers over the years. And while the costs and terms concerning commercial vehicles and the infrastructure they use will no doubt continue to develop, it is clear that if anyone needs reliable infrastructure, it is the freight industry.

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